About Us

Nowinhome.com is a real estate market, a place one can buy & sell or even rent a property.
These properties are provided with photographs, enabling the viewers to actually see the
property without moving a step. In short, we provide a platform to connect the buyers to
sellers & tenants, thus providing a larger scope for builders & contractors.

Nowinhome.com is a subsidiary of Blue Merger. Real estate is market which hardly moves
in downward direction and has always attracts the buyers to make a valuable investment.
More than 87% of the lot, search for the property in the e-commerce platform, which is one of
the biggest motivation for Blue Merger as a company to enter the real estate market through

Blue Merger is a company founded in the year 2013 by the students and alums of IIMs
and IIT. The company provides marketing solutions, advertisement and consulting. The
management consists of vast experience in companies like IOC, SBI, Dena, Raymonds, RBI etc.
The name Nowinhome.com, well comes from a lot of discussion, a perfect information site
which help you find every detail related to building a house, and when you have built it, you
just say “Now in Home”.